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Group Members
Calvin Low
Melissa Ho
Siew Ho
Guang Hao
Yee Ning
Eunice Tan
Yan Ling
Jabez Koh
Wei Quan
Wei Song
Pamela Phor
Mei Zhen
Wai Cheng


YANLING: 30th January
WEIQUAN: 20th February
YUXI: 25th March
SIEW: 29th April
GUANG: 27th May
EUNICE: 3rd June
PAMELA: 6th July
CAL: 1st August
MEIZHEN: 25th August
WEISONG: 4th September
MELISSA: 1st October
NING: 20th November
CHENG: 24th November
JABEZ: 12th December

Upcoming Events!
Lunch @ Ning's - 21st Aug
YPM Outing: The Southern Ridges - 4th Sept


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Monday, October 04, 2010

Hey Danielites,

Here's the timetable for the people doing their promos currently!
Waicheng started already, and is finishing soon, and Ning just started hers today! Eunice will soon join in and complete it soon, too. (:


4th, Monday– GP
5th, Tuesday– Chinese & Econs
6th, Wednesday – Geog & Math
7th, Thursday – Chem
4th, Monday – Chem & Econs
5th, Tuesday – Mat
11th, Monday – Econs
13th, Wednesday – Physics
14th & 15th, Thursday & Friday – Chem
20th, Wednesday – Math
So yea, lets keep them in prayer, as mentioned in 1 Thess 5:17, telling us to "Pray Continually".
Have a great week, and see you guys this saturday for LG!
Take care and God bless!!
Siew Ho (:

Praise the Lord!
11:19 PM

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hey Danielitez!!

FOP is around the corner!
Just next weekend actually..
This year's FOP will be a 2 days event instead of the usual 3days from previous years.. It is held on Friday and Saturday only @ The Indoor Stadium, and service begins @ 730pm.
Doors are opened from 630pm onwards, so please be early as to beat the crowd, as I suppose this year's FOP will have super alot of people attending, because Don Moen & Planetshakers will be leading P&W.
Rev Che Ahn will be speaking for both nights too.

The service should end by 930pm each night, but you might need time to clear the area, which normally will take until 10pm.

We can gather and meet up for dinner before the service, around 5pm would be good. Just gimme a call if you're interested to have your meal. Alternatively, you can have your own dinner and then join us for the service.

And remember to invite your friends to come along too, Believer or not! Meant for all (:

Have a blessed week!
Siew Ho (:

Praise the Lord!
8:51 PM

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hi Danielites,

Movie Outing on 18th Jul has been confirmed, details below..

Movie: Toy Story 3-D
Location: Tampine GV
Show timing: 12noon

Please RSVP by Friday night 2200, so I can do the booking. (:

Siew Ho

Praise the Lord!
9:12 AM

Friday, July 02, 2010

Random unposted photos... Guang's 18th Birthday, if I'm not wrong... (:

Danielitez! :D
-Siew Ho

Praise the Lord!
1:24 AM

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hey Danielitez, how have everyone been? :D
It's almost the weekend now, just one more work day.. Hang in there!!

Good news everyone, there'll be a movie outing on Sunday (18th July) afternoon, probably after lunch timing, around 1pm or so. Let's all go and catch Toy Story 3-D together! This outing is funded, as to how much... we'll work out a budget, soon. (:
More details will be released when I come back from AUS...
And talking about that, I won't be around for 2 weekends, from 3rd til 10th of this month, because I'll be away over at AUS to attend Hillsong Conference! Please take very good care of yourselves, and I'll be back with good news, and good-ies! :D

Anyway, I believe that all of us, if not most, should have received an sms from Pamela with regards to the 40-day prayer for our dear little country - Singapore. The 40-day Prayer begins today!! This year's booklet has a very common, but yet unique title.. City Of God. I would strongly remind those who had bought (at a small fee of $1) the booklet during the previous cell meeting to devote yourselves to do it on a daily basis, and also encourage of those that have yet to purchase the booklet to go grab one and embark on this wonderful journey as we seek God's Will for Singapore, that we may share whatever we've learnt when we come together, of what God has spoken to us during our week and encourage each other to change/impact our city, through both ACTIONs and PRAYERs..

It really brings me to remember a translated/rendered version of a song sung by Chris Tomlin - God of This City (video). Take some time to listen to it, and be spurred on to do great works for Christ - Shine on like a star! (:

God bless EVERYONE!
-Siew Ho

Praise the Lord!
8:24 PM

Friday, June 04, 2010

Birthday Shoutout to Eunice!!! :D
You're 17 today le.. Continue to grow in the Lord, and be immersed in His blessing!
Have a great day,
God Bless (:

-Siew Ho

Praise the Lord!
12:05 AM

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Guang!

God bless you and love you always!

-Siew Ho (:

Praise the Lord!
4:32 PM

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey Maties,

I would like to call for a cell group outing during the June Hols, any suggestions?
Suggest them on the tagboard!

Siew Ho (:

Praise the Lord!
5:33 PM

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey all!

Alrighty, this is the first post of the YEAR 2010! (:
Okay, I shall talk about the 2 upcoming events happening @ YPM during the June holidays..
First off, there will be a movie screening (Facing The Giant - the whole show!) during YPM service! Please invite your friends down to watch. It's an evangelistic flim, and at the same time it is also a very touching movie to remind us believers to rely on God, to put our FAITH in Him.

Here's the trailer, Enjoy! (:

As for the other event, more infomation has yet to be released. However, I do know that it's the first YPM outdoor course - "The Southern Ridges", and the date has been fixed on 19th June, so keep that day free! (:

More post to come, so check back here often!
God bless.
Siew Ho

Praise the Lord!
10:25 PM

Whoa! This blog has been stagnating for some time! Time to do some revamp and get things started!!! 8D

-Siew Ho

Praise the Lord!
12:21 PM

Saturday, February 14, 2009

here are the photos from CNY visiting
sorry for the delay, cause i've been busy
mostly photos not much content



Getting ready for watermelon eating competition!

the champions :D

ready set go!

the watermelon monsters


dont be decieved by calvin's charm
he actually quite unglam one.


see see see! i told you so.

happy birthday yang leng!!

ahhh. love.
tata darlings!

Praise the Lord!
1:10 PM

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hi Danielitez,

Welcome to the year 2009! It’s so exciting to be granted another new year, and to head out and live life as God intended. So anyway, New Year’s are an opportunity for us to make resolutions for ourselves, and the group. So here’s some sharing on how to make SMART goals. This is a resource which is used quite widely.

Definitely, we set goals by first committing them to the Lord, a favorite, and oft used verse. Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. (Proverbs 16:3). Ask Him for direction and to set goals which please Him and are in accordance with His plans for us. Here’s how we set goals:

We list out our goals specifically. While goals like “I want to become a better person” sound good in the movies or as song lyrics, they aren’t good for goal-setting. We can break this goal down into several mini-goals which are more specific and help us achieve this larger goal. For example, “I want to become a child who honors my parents”. That’s more specific.

When we set out to achieve a goal, we have to set a measurable standard for success, so we know how much we have progressed. It is better if there is a form of quantifiable measure, but not everything has this. For example, if one of your goals is to lose weight and improve your health, you can state in particular, “I want to run at least 5km, once a week”.

Action Plans
What are some actions which you are going to take to help you achieve this goal? If one of your goals is to complete the Bible cover-to-cover, then your action plan can be “I aim to complete 4 chapters of the Bible a day”.

Now, we have to be realistic, if you set a goal being aware that it is near impossible to complete, then you would not bother trying to complete it. Set a sufficiently challenging goal which stretches, but doesn’t kill you, and has faith in God's sufficiency and strength.

What is the timeframe in which you want to complete these goals? This is so that you will be motivated to work towards the goal. For example, “I want to complete this book by the first week of March”, or something like that. Once again, let it be something which makes you strive for it but not excessively.

So these are how you set your goals. Once again, you can categorize your goals into, school, church, home, family friends. Or you can adopt others like emotions, character, intellectual, and so on and so forth. I got some of this info from a school mate.

And once again, it’s best to be accountable to someone you trust, and will support (and reprimand) you. That way you really know how well you are progressing, and for motivation. Grab you accountability partner, and if you still are unsure how to set more goals let us know. Cheers. Till we share in 2 weeks down. Ciao. God bless.

Cal Low

Praise the Lord!
1:18 AM

Thursday, January 01, 2009


it's year 2009 already!
so let us bond and grow as we embark on this new year together!
Lets keep each other in our prayers and pray for Daniel cell as a whole too!
Though we have our fun and laughter, we must not forget to hunger for God's word.

I hope that Daniel cell will become stronger and that every individual will be a shining testimony for the Lord.

It's been AMAZING being in Daniel cell.
love you guys with all my heart. :]

Praise the Lord!
7:01 PM

Sunday, June 22, 2008


He looks like he has an earring!

So we had LOTS OF FUN
there was too much food but oh well
being the very kid-ish ppl we are, we ended up splashing water at each other
and everyone was stinky when they went home. haha
so hope you guys had a good time :]

Praise the Lord!
6:30 PM